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12 years already!

Twelve years ago, from our two minds was born a dream ...

The dream of combining our passions of horses and saddlery, with our passions of History and equestrian traditions.

From this dream we made a project ...

From this project we made a company.

And this is how our company saw the light of the day for the first time on this beautiful morning of May 17, 2005.

Starting with few means but with a lot of ideas, we are proud to be able to say today that we have become an unmissable name in our specialty and that we have among our clients some of the biggest names in iberian riding, equestrian show or circus world! And today it is not one, not two, but three online shops that we are proud to be able to offer you!

While in 2005 online commerce was still in its infancy, we were the very first in France to offer a real online saddlery of equestrian show material, historical reenactment and iberian saddlery.

That was 12 years ago ...

12 years of hard work without counting our hours, but which has borne fruit.

12 years with their lots of hopes and despair, illusions and disappointments, tears and smiles. But if we were to keep only one word, it would be: passion.

12 years we are here, both of us, with you, to help you bring your dreams to life.

12 years that you are there, with us, you too.

We would like to thank you all very very warmly for the trust you have placed in us since these 12 wonderful years with you.

You without whom we would not have arrived where we are today!

Every year that passes gives us always more pleasure to practice our beautiful work that we love so much.

Happy birthday to our company!

And long live our dream!

Anne-Sophie & Thierry.

Sellerie Occitane - Sellerie La Garrocha - Héritage Militaire.






Welcome to the online store Héritage Militaire,

sale of reproductions of

military uniforms and accessories.



The website Héritage Militaire was born from the separation of catalog

of the Sellerie Occitane.

The Sellerie Occitane, created in 2005,

returns to its original specialty: the saddlery!

Created in 2014 January,

the website Héritage Militaire propose all human equipment,

to offer a range of increasingly broad product

and new eras.

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Héritage Militaire features more than 2,500 references

arround historical reenactment and show,

one of the largest selection in Europe in our specialty!




We offer a wide range of historical military products,
uniforms and accessories,
whether French, English or American,
from the Middle Age to World War One,
through the first empire, the second empire,
American Civil War, Indian Wars,
or Zulu War ...

And because our passion for Horses and History does not stop to saddlery, we also participate to various historical reenactments and horse shows with our horses... Do not hesitate to visit our website Cheval de Bataille:

cheval de bataille, spectacle équestre et animations historiques



Visit ours online saddleries too:



sellerie iberique, classique & western La Garrocha revendeur Ludomar




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